Inspiring Reminders to Think, Live and Love Well

Inspiring Reminders to Think and Live Well

Friday, January 21, 2011


It's the little things we do today - the small moments of satisfaction or pleasure - that will define how we evaluate and feel about our lives.  I often marvel when I look back over the precious moments of raising my children, that it wasn't the big events that stand out for me.  Some of my favourite memories are the simple ones:  cuddling and reading stories, chatting after school with a cup of herbal tea, dressing up the dog in Dad's reading glasses..... Yes, those really are the big things.  I think that's what a happy life is all about.  Be in the moment, savour the everyday flavours of every experience, no matter how inconsequential they seem at the time.  Stop and smell every darn rose you see, just because!

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