Inspiring Reminders to Think, Live and Love Well

Inspiring Reminders to Think and Live Well

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Expressing your Love             

Expressing our warm, loving feelings can sometimes be very difficult.  Whenever we share those intimate emotions we open ourselves up to vulnerability.  "Here's my heart....... please don't crush it!"  Especially if we've been hurt before, talking openly can seem terribly risky and scary.  This is most true in the early stages of relationships.  We're not sure where we stand.  "Does she care as much about me as I care about her?"  "What if I tell him I love him, and he doesn't say it back?"  A relationship only grows when we're willing to take the risks of disclosure.  While vulnerability may make our hearts pound with anxiety, it is only vulnerability that will make our hearts pound with joy. 

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