Inspiring Reminders to Think, Live and Love Well

Inspiring Reminders to Think and Live Well

Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness
Happy Valentines Day!  I hope you are enjoying a day filled with self-love, and are able to share love (and maybe chocolate too?) with friends, family, pets, and lovers!  I just came across this website  This foundation is all about encouraging and celebrating Random Acts of Kindness.   Their mission is "to inspire you to act and share".  Feb 14 to 20 is designated as Random Acts of Kindness Week.  They invite us all to take the "Extreme Kindness Challenge".  Can you commit an act of kindness every day for seven days?  Maybe it's as easy as giving another car the right of way to create an easy merge, or sharing your grocery cart loonie with the busy mom who is searching for one in the Superstore parking lot.  A friend told me the story of being pleasantly surprised when the people in the car in front of her paid for her coffee in the Tim Horton's drive-thru lineup.  It was an unexpected, but much appreciated  bright spot in her day.  If we choose to accept the challenge, I wonder how good it would feel to share the love?

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