Inspiring Reminders to Think, Live and Love Well

Inspiring Reminders to Think and Live Well

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lady Gaga: I was Born This Way

     My Positive Psychologist of the day is Lady Gaga! Whether you love her (I do!) or not, I don't think anyone can argue that she's done an amazing job of getting our attention.  Her costumes and stage theatrics are so wonderfully over-the-top and full of fun and creativity.  What I really appreciate about her, though, is her message of self-acceptance.  Lady Gaga has talked about her own struggles with growing up feeling different, unaccepted and like an outsider.  She wasn't a typical kid, and didn't enjoy the sense of comfort and belonging that often comes with the familiar security of being the same, being a follower, and just trying to fit in.  Because she expressed herself differently than her peers, she was left out and repeatedly bullied. Her message through her music is all about being yourself - no matter how unique, "weird" or "out of step" you might be.  Think about the kids you know who are a little different, who don't follow the current "rules of popularity".  How can we all be more tolerant and accepting?  Can we encourage the young people we know to embrace their uniqueness, to be proud of who they really are, and to let themselves be superstars?
     What do you think of ten-year old Maria Aragon's cover?  What a talented little girl!  Apparently, Lady Gaga "couldn't stop crying" when she watched her video, and hailed her as "the future", and "why I make music".  Her tweets made Maria's video go viral.  Lovely to see a superstar reach out and inspire kids!
I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don't hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way

Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.

I'm just trying to change the world,one sequin at a time.

Lady Gaga

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